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Have you ever counted how many tools you own? Or use those on monthly basis? Well, most Americans own a lot that they stop counting. There is no problem with that, the problem is, people spend money on the less worthy tools and don’t know the best use of them. Throwing the bad tools without an attempt to repair them is another problem. 

housefixerr is here to minimize these problems of yours. Stay with the ‘housefixerr’ to know the best deal for your money. How to use different tools, how to know which tools are best and how to fix minor defects- all are discussed here. These will help you to spend less on tools and get you the most you can get from a specific tool. 

Gavin Ford-the HouseFixerr

Hi, I am Gavin Ford. I love to introduce myself as a ‘house fixerr’ to the shop where I work as a Sales Person and to my garage, where I actually repair broken tools. I started my carrier by using the tools I saw my dad use to do around the house chores. Later, I enhanced my expertise by fixing outdated tools rather than buying new ones. To be honest, buying new was not an option for us back then. 

However, as I grew up, I found out that, not many people know about the tools they use on daily basis. Besides, no one is interested in fixing the minor defects of their tools. So, I joined a local hardware store where tools are sold and repair. One day maybe I will be a proud owner of my own shop. Now I am the proud owner of this site-’housefixerr’. Pretty close, isn’t it? 

What I Have to Offer You

Now you know who I am and what I do. The most important thing is, how I do it. I help my customers to pick the best tool for their budget and use. Besides, if there is anything to do to make the performance better of that tool, I never hesitate to share that too. 

So, I decided, why not open up a site and keep everything updated? That is how the idea of toolsfixer came out. Here, you will get every tool I prefer, recommend, review, and buying guides. If needed, then I also share helpful tips. All you will get free of cost, from first-hand fixer and user. 

Why You Should Consider HouseFixerr

There are top-rated affiliate sites out there to guide you, I won’t deny that. But most of those are made with professionals, who are experts at affiliating, not using tools. So, the reviews and guidelines you get from them are not applicable to real life. People who use their tools rarely, and buy those with a tight budget will not get the best deals on those hundred sites. 

In housefixerr, you will get what I have learned with my years of experience. The market changes, so, you will always get the most recent trends, reviews, and tips on housefixerr. 

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If you are looking for something that is not found on housefixerr, then please contact us

Gavin Ford
1972 Brook Ln, Jamison,
PA 18929, USA

Hi, I am Gavin Ford. I am a full-time power tools salesperson and a part-time mechanic. I help my friends and neighbors with their tools. Which one to buy, how to buy it, how to use it, methods to fix broken tools, and so on. In I will do the same for the rest of the world. You will get everything you need to know about tools for regular and professional use.