What Is the Best Digital Caliper for Reloading: 7 Picks Compared

Digital Calipers are great measuring tools that are very useful to civil engineers and mechanics. Workshops around the world use this item all the time.

If you are a machine person and do a lot of work with machines, you have commonly faced the question of which digital caliper is the best reloading. Spends a lot of time on the internet searching for the answer. Now, you can stop searching because here you get the answer.

best digital caliper for reloading

There are many types of digital calipers available on the market both online or offline. It can be baffling to choose the best product for you from these oceans of choices. Any beginner needs a guide with detailed information on the best digital calipers and comparative data between various products.

Before leaping to buy a caliper please take a look at our article to get a clear concept and it will help you to get your need-able calipers. This is why we have gathered 7 of the best digital calipers along with their detailed description below.

There are two types of calipers used for reloading jobs. 

  1. Dial calipers and
  2. Digital calipers.

Both come with great features. You can choose one as your working requirement. Always remember that product accuracy and precision is very important to ensure your safety. So, try to choose good quality calipers from branded companies. Here are 7 top-quality digital calipers which make it easy to purchase one.

1. Adoric 0 to 6 Inch Digital Caliper Measuring Tool

Digital Caliper, Adoric 0-6' Calipers Measuring Tool - Electronic Micrometer Caliper with Large LCD Screen, Auto-off...
  • Measurement range: 0 to 6 inches;
  • Product accuracy and resolution: 0.01 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD;
  • Total weight: 2 oz.

If you are looking for a reliable measuring tool then “Adoric digital caliper 0-6 inch calipers measuring kit which comes with an electronic micrometer caliper included with a large LCD screen, Auto-off feature, inch, and millimeter conversion”. 

This product not only gives you precise measurements but will provide much more useful features too. It is made of premium material and provides accurate reading when in use measurement action.

The products are calibrated to zero before being offered in the market to be sold so you don’t have to worry about the precision of measurement. It can convert measurement units to different types and consists of a quite large LCD so you won’t have a problem seeing the measurements.

You can use this product to measure four types of measurement: 

  • External diameter,
  • Internal diameter, 
  • Depth, and 
  • Step.

It also comes with a pre-installed and a spare battery. And has a zero fitting feature. But you don’t get any carrying case. It is the most affordable digital caliper for reloading but you can also use more than expensive if you have no money issues. 


  •  The product is made of high-quality carbon fiber composite so you don’t have to worry about the longevity of its lifetime.
  • This digital caliper Comes with a spare battery.
  • That display is quite large so the measurements can be seen accurately in any lighting condition.
  • Comes with lightweight and a reasonable price range.


  • Some users are not comfortable with its plastic parts.

2. Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

NEIKO 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper | 0-6 Inches | Stainless Steel Construction with Large LCD Screen | Quick Change...
  • Measurement range: 0 to 6 inch;
  • Product accuracy: 0.0001 inch;
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD display;
  • 4 way measurement;
  • Total weight:1 2 ounces.

Neiko 01407A digital caliper is a multifunction precision measurement device that you have to mention in the discussion of high-quality display calibers. The versatile measuring mounts offered in this digital caliper are mind-blowing. 

The product comes with a large screen so the measurements are easy to monitor and keep track of. You can use this item at home and in an industrial environment as well. The available sizes of this product are offered in three categories: 6 inches, 18 inches, and 12 inches.

The battery of this product is a top-quality lithium-ion battery and a large LCD is integrated with the digital caliper so the measurements are easy to see even from a distance. This item comes with a carrying case for its security. 


  • The LCD is very bright and vibrant.
  • The measurements are stored in memory that can be transferred to computers in the future.
  • It is made with stainless steel.
  • You can use it in multiple applications. 
  • It comes with a solid plastic storage case.


  • Perfect for light use.

3. Vinca DCLA-1205 Vernier Micrometer Digital Caliper

VINCA DCLA-1205 0-12 Inch/300mm Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper Inch/Millimeter/Fraction Stainless Steel...
  • Measurement range: 0 to 12 inches;
  • Product accuracy: 0.0015 inches;
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD;
  • 4-way measurement;
  • Total weight:1 2 ounces.

Vinca DCLA-1205 is true that we must mention it in the series of best digital calipers. This product has fine polishing of stainless steel that provides an extra advantage in terms of better appearance and sleek design. The digital calipers are completely digitally calibrated before they are made ready to sell so your measurements will be ultimately very accurate in terms of precision.

The manufacturer has promised to provide one year warranty with the product and 24/7 amazing customer care service. This device has been made by a manufacturer out of which has 30 years of experience in this field.

Dedicating a data transfer port is available so that you can transfer the measurement to your computer as well through a USB cable. The measurements done on this digital caliper will be stored in the memory for a long period.

This product will come with an installed battery along with a spare one. The batteries are high-quality medium oil batteries so you won’t have to worry about the lifetime of the battery either.


  • 24/7 customer care service is offered by the manufacturer.
  • The construction of the device is made with stainless steel so the lifetime is above average for this product.
  • Provide accurate measurement and power-saving mode.
  • Also able to transfer data to the laptop or desktop through the proprietary cable.
  • An extra battery is included with this caliper.


  • Doesn’t come with a calibration certificate.

4. Igaging 0-6 inch Digital Electronic Caliper

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6' Digital Electronic Caliper - IP54 Protection/Extreme Accuracy
  • Measurement range: 0 to 12 inches;
  • Product accuracy: 0.0015 inches;
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD;
  • 4-way measurement;
  • Total weight:1 2 ounces.

Igaging Digital Electronic Caliper is a multipurpose measurement device that has various characteristics that are attractive. The product is tested with IP 54 protection against water.

This product has high accuracy memory and will store your measurements for a long time in its memory chip. The product comes with a USB cable so you can connect it to your computer as well. The device requires a battery to run. The lifetime of the battery is above average.

You can do fast measurements with pinpoint accuracy for an unlimited number of turns. The digital caliper is made of hardened stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about its life expectancy either.

It can operate in normal room and temperature and also can be used in extreme temperatures such as Sub-Zero and above 50° Celsius. This can easily convert different units of measurement to other units such as millimeters to inches and fractions of inches.


  •  The display is large enough.
  • Trusted tool because it is made of hardened stainless steel.
  •  This digital caliper can memorize previous measurements for a long time.
  •  Customer care service is available for two years.


  • It can measure just 6 inches.

5. Eagems Durable Stainless Steel Measuring Tool 

Digital Caliper, Durable Stainless Steel Electronic Measuring Tool by EAGems; Get IP54 Protection and Precision...
  • Measurement range: 0 to 12 inches;
  • Product accuracy: 0.0015 inches;
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD;
  • 4-way measurement;
  • Total weight:1 2 ounces.

Eagems Measuring Tool is a prominent product in the series of the best digital calipers. This product provides quality for a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about inaccurate measurement or imprecise work if you have this digital caliper at your hand.

This digital caliper can convert your measurements between millimeters, inches, and fractions of inches within seconds so you don’t have to waste a lot of time in your measurement work.

This tool is tremendously easy to use and even a beginner can figure out its functions in a few minutes. You can work with this device outdoors or indoors without having to worry about dust and water accumulation on its body. 

The construction of the product is done with high-quality stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about its longevity either.


  • This digital caliper can function perfectly even in wet environments.
  • The customer care is provided for 2 years along with a warranty.
  • The LCD is BRIGHT enough and can display measurements so that even engineers with eye problems will understand them easily.


  • Little bite heigh weight from other calipers. 

6. Sattiyrch Vernier Caliper Measuring Tool

Sattiyrch Digital Caliper Stainless Steel with Large LCD Screen 6 Inch Millimeter Fractions Conversion Electronic...
  • Measurement range: 0 to 12 inches;
  • Product accuracy: 0.0015 inches;
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD;
  • 4-way measurement;
  • Total weight:1 2 ounces.

Sattiyrch Caliper is a well-reputed product and has been serving good amongst consumers for many years. The product is made of stainless steel and the accuracy of measurement it provides is phenomenal.

 It has four modes of measurement compatibility such as outside diameter, inside diameter, step, and depth. The weight of this product is 12 oz in its full package. The product dimension is 9.8 x 3.7 x 1.1 inches. 

The product consists of a lithium cell battery which can last longer than average. The manufacturers have a good reputation for providing good customer care service for this product too.


  • This particular product has a stainless-steel-made construction.
  •  Bright LCD to display accurate measurements.
  •  The Product instruction manual is included.
  •  Customer care support for this manufacturer is very good.


  • Doesn’t come with an auto shut-off feature.

7. Fowler 54-100-332 Electronic Caliper

Fowler 54-100-332-0 Euro-Cal IV Digital Caliper with 12'/300mm Measuring Range
  • Measurement range: 0 to 12 inches;
  • Product accuracy: 0.0015 inches;
  • Resolution: 0.0005 inch;
  • Auto on/off feature;
  • Larger LCD;
  • 4-way measurement;
  • Total weight:1 2 ounces.

Fowler 54-100-332 caliper is among the best digital calipers available on the market. It has certified IP 45 level protection against water and other liquids. 

This digital caliber consists of a high-resolution screen that can display precision measurement and it requires a better way to run.

You can do fast measurements thanks to its digital display and you can use the product in any environment such as indoors and outdoors. This product is well-reputed for its battery life with 2 lithium batteries. It is reputedly used in industrial and scientific industries. 

The dimensions of the products are 16.4×5.3×1.4 inches and the weight of the product is 0.71 oz. This digital caliper has been available on the market since 2012 from the manufacturer Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc.


  • This product can work as fine in a watery environment as in the dry.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • The product is pretty easy to use because of its digital display.


  • Automatic on/of features does not include

Features to Ensure in a Digital Caliper Before Buying

Any product has both a positive and a negative side. It is just recommended that you compare the pros and cons of the device that you are leaping to purchase.

We have collected a few priorities that you need to check before buying a digital caliper.

Please check if the product fulfills the below characteristics to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money;

1. Modes of Measurement

The number of modes of measurement should be approximately 3 or more for a good digital caliper. A professional mechanic will naturally need to have his measurement in various modes such as fractions, millimeters, and inches.

Make sure to have all the necessary measurement modes in your targeted product before buying so you can take advantage of All the measuring modes.

2. Precision of Measurement

The accuracy of measurement is one of the most important criteria that you need to give your attention to. A machine would be useless if the measurement it does is inaccurate.

It is recommended that you ensure that the product has a level precision of within 0.002 mm or 0.001 inches. If the product has ample accuracy in this range, you can rest assured that you will get good performance from the digital caliper that you are buying.

The best digital caliper for reloading will have the ultimate precision and the level of error in the measurement will be near zero.

3. Construction of the Device

The best micrometers for reloading will have good constructions that consist of stainless steel or pure iron.

The only way to be sure that your digital caliper is a top-rated caliper for reloading and will serve you for the longest period is to make sure that it is manufactured with high-grade material such as stainless steel.

Manufacturers who make the best digital calipers have given priority to the material the caliper is made out of. So if you want to buy the best digital caliper, you will need to make sure it is made of high-quality material.

4. Quality Battery Life

A good quality digital caliper will have great battery life and give you an above-average performance. Make sure to check the manufacturer of the battery and make sure if it’s from a well-reputed vendor or not.

It would be really painful if you have to change the battery of your digital caliper in a few days. A high-quality digital caliper from a well-reputed manufacturer will surely have a high-quality battery. And the manufacturer will make sure the device is running for longer life.

Hornady digital calipers are well reputed to have great battery life and are top-rated by professional reviewers. 

How Can Measure With a Digital Caliper?

Nowadays a digital caliper has become reasonable for everyone. If we compare it with vernier calipers then the digital caliper comes with several smart features and capabilities. Let’s know how we can measure with it-

  • At first press the turn on the button to ready to use this tool and set it at zero position.
  • Switch it between inches or millimeters.

Now you are ready to measure anything. But basically a caliper can take only four types of readings. As like-

  1. Inside measure: The small saw of the digital caliper is used for the inside measurement of an object. For getting accurate results, place inside the jaws to the object. And slide the jaws as far as it will go. Finally, read the measurement in the display.
  2. Outside measure: If you take an outside measure of an object then make sure it is parallel to the jaws. Otherwise, you can’t take accurate measurements. By using these saws you also can measure an object’s thickness. 
  3. Depth measure: By using the blade you can easily measure an object’s depth. 
  4. Step measure: It is the hidden use of a clipper. Use the step gauge to measure the total distance between one edge to the next edge. 

What is the Difference Between Digital & Dial Calipers for Reloading?

Generally, calipers are divided into two categories. Digital calipers and Dial calipers. The basic difference between those calipers is, one is used for an electronic display to read the exact measurement result and another is used for a dial.  And they are having more differences. Let’s read the below.

Digital calipers:

  • The result of the measurement can be read on the screen. 
  • They are easily convertible between imperial to metric by using buttons. 

Dial calipers:

  • The dial caliper used a mechanical system consisting of the accurate position. 
  • There are gears that can move in increments of 1 to 1000 inches to get an accurate measurement.
  • It can be knocked out of the alignment by dropping them. 


If you have the best tool at your disposal you can make the best deliveries and your work will also be top rated. If any workman will have a great pleasure having a good digital caliper at his hands. 

Engineering projects and other manufacturing projects will greatly benefit if the engineer has a high-quality digital caliper that does precision measurement.

The product will have a degree of quality according to the price you are offering to pay for it. 

Depending on the price of the product, the performance of a digital caliper will vary. By reading the reports given in the above discussion, you should have a good answer in your mind to the question “What Is the Best Digital Caliper for Reloading”. We hope you find the Best Digital Caliper for Reloading for yourself.

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