Can You Cut Up a Hot Tub With a Chainsaw

You must do it correctly, whether you need to replace it or get rid of a worthless hot tub that is lying in your backyard for no purpose.

Fiberglass tubs and showers are often made of this robust, resilient, non-corrosive, easy-to-cut, and grind material. Cutting a fiberglass tub into little bits is the quickest method to get it out of the bathroom.

Some individuals may suggest using a chainsaw to dismantle a hot tub, but this isn’t the best instrument for the job. The chainsaw blade will be eaten up in the end.

can you cut up a hot tub with a chainsaw

Usually, tubs are made up of fiberglass. You’re flirting with danger by using chainsaws to cut/chop up fiberglass unless you’re wearing a full-body suit; you don’t want to breathe the fibers and get them into your lungs. Your eyes may get red and itchy after being exposed to fiberglass.

What Is the Best Way to Cut Up a Hot Tub?

Cut the fiberglass tank into tiny, manageable pieces using a reciprocating saw. The hot tub is made of poured fiberglass resin and fiberglass mesh in a single piece, and the only method to deconstruct it is to cut it into smaller parts.

This procedure can take 2-2.5 hours on a smaller hot tub, but on a bigger hot tub, it can take 3-4 hours.

Can You Take a Hot Tub Apart?

You may need to contact a professional to remove the hot tub if you wish to transfer it to a new residence. Removing all of the water from the device and correctly disassembling it might take a long time. You don’t want to damage the spa’s shell, skirt, or mechanical components by disassembling the tub on your own.

Is a Hot Tub Worth Repairing?

It’s probably worth repairing your hot tub if it’s less than ten years old. Consider purchasing a new one if the repair fee is half the replacement price.

A hot tub repair costs $324, ranging from $161 to $497. The nature of the problem determines the entire cost and whether it has to be repaired or replaced. A tiny break may be fixed for roughly $100, whereas a two-speed pump can cost up to $1,200 to replace.

Hot tub spas require maintenance from time to time to replace old or damaged equipment. Most issues have several causes, which means multiple solutions.

How to Determine the Year, Make, and Model of Your Master Spa/tub

Check your original sales contract or owner’s documentation for further information. You will need to discover the serial number if this information is not included in those materials.

The serial numbers on Master Spas are seven characters long; six digits follow models from 2009 and before beginning with an M and. All models made after 2010 will have seven digits.

To Find Your Master Spas Serial Number

  1. Look for a metal tag on the bottom of your hot tub skirt that displays your serial number. Due to weather, serial numbers on older hot tubs are occasionally unreadable on this tag; remove the tag and check the back if this is the case.
  2. A sticker with a serial number can be found in your filter well (under your filter cover). Serial numbers on older hot tubs are frequently illegible in the hot tub water.
  3. Remove the Master Spa’s front panel. A sticker with the serial number printed will be placed on top of the huge metal or plastic control pack.

To Determine Your Master Spas Year, Do the Following

  1. On models 2010 and after, the first two digits of your serial number represent the production year.

For example, if you have a 2012 model, the first digit after the M is your year. 

  1. If you have a 2009 or older model, the first digit after the M is your year.

M202321, for example, is a model from 2002. *The date of manufacturing may be found on the metal tag.

To Determine Your Master Spas Make

Check your topside control to see whether your hot tub’s manufacturer is listed.

To Figure Out What Type of Master Spas Hot Tub You Have

The sort of hot tub you have might be a name or a number. If you don’t have this information, call the factory at 1-800-860-7727 and give them your serial number (Legend Series, Exeter, 6.1, 7.2, etc.).

Wrapping Up

A chainsaw is a great tool for much DIY work, but it’s an absolutely bad idea to use this tool for cutting hot tubs. A reciprocating saw or jigsaw is the best saw type for cutting up the hot tub.

Despite dismantling a hot tub being a time-consuming and laborious task, it is not difficult. It’s just physically tough and needs some forethought as well as the appropriate equipment.

Even a novice DIYer may safely remove a hot tub from their yard if they follow the user manual, make sure the hot tub is unplugged from the power source, and wear the required safety gear while doing so.

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