Can You Sell Sawdust

Sawdust is dust and tiny particles of wood which are produced when you saw wood.[source] Cutting, screwing, sanding, drilling, and similar activities produce a lot of sawdust. It is composed of small chippings of timber. 

Selling sawdust is a great source of passive income. People widely use Sawdusts in soil manure, craftwork, furniture fix, etc. Due to its great demand, it has a great market. There are ready markets for buying and selling sawdust. 

can you sell sawdust

There was a time when sawmill owners couldn’t even give their sawdust away. To get rid of the trash, they threw it in the woods or burned it. Sawdust, as well as bark, wood chips, and board trimmings that can’t be sold as timber, now have ready markets.

Is There a Market for Sawdust?

Sawdust is sold as a commercial commodity. Since the summer of 2008, “clean” sawdust has been a high-priced market, averaging $50 or more and ranging from $600 to $1,200 per truckload of material. [source]

How Do I Sell Wood Shavings?

Turning sawdust into money is a magnificent way of a passive income source. If you have a sawdust shop or know how to make sawdust, you may simply turn your hobby into a company by selling sawdust online.

You may reach out to a global audience and sell sawdusts all over the world by placing your company online. Furthermore, internet retailers provide several advantages, such as greater marketing, income, and sales.

What Can I Do With a Bag of Sawdust?

Particleboard is common for sawdust, and coarse sawdust may be used to make wood pulp. Sawdust can also be used for a variety of different purposes. Below I listed 12 ways that you can do with a bag of sawdust-

  1. Use Sawdust as a Wood Filler;
  2. Startup a Fire with Sawdust Candles;
  3. Use Woodwork Leftovers as an Absorbent;
  4. Mix Sawdust-enhanced Cement;
  5. Turn Wood Chips to Eco-friendly Herbicide;
  6. Clean the Floor the Dust-free Way;
  7. Use Wood Shavings as Organic Fertilizer;
  8. Pack With Wood Chips & Avoid Damage;
  9. Odour-mask for Animal Bedding;
  10. Make Snow;
  11. Safe Latex Paint Disposal;
  12. Can be used for smoking meat;

How Do You Get Rid of Sawdust?

Stop 90% of the dust before it settles in the garage! Using a dust collector, brush sawdust and chips from your bench and tools into the trash or onto the floor to be brushed down.

Wear a mask; you don’t want dust piling up in your lungs!

This frequent byproduct is used in a variety of ways by manufacturers, such as to create low-density fibreboard or as a fuel source for boilers. If you’re working on a home improvement project, there’s a good possibility you have some sawdust in your garage as well.

Here are some suggestions for keeping it out of the trash:

  • Make your own artificial snow. To make fake snow for Christmas projects, combine sawdust, white paint, and glue.
  • Get a handle on things. Winter loggers cover their truck routes with sawdust. It offers traction and helps to consolidate compacted snow while also protecting the ground underneath it.
  • Spills should be soaked up. Keep a bucket on hand in case of an accident. Sawdust is extremely absorbent and may quickly absorb oil or paint spills.
  • Give your plants something to eat. Sawdust combined with manure or a nitrogen supplement also helps to keep your plants healthy and hydrated.
  • To light a fire, make a fire starter. In a nonstick saucepan, melt candle wax and add sawdust until the liquid thickens, then pour into an empty egg carton and set aside to cool. Briquettes can be used to assist start a fire.
  • Fill up any holes or flaws in the wood. When combined with wood glue and used by expert floor refinishers, very fine sawdust or “wood flour” provides an excellent stainable filler.
  • Make a route for yourself. To prevent erosion and create a comfortable, aromatic road through your garden or a wooded lot, tamp sawdust into a dirt walkway.
  • Weeds must be removed. Walnut wood sawdust is a natural weed killer. This type may be swept between the gaps of your sidewalk.
  • Lighten up the concrete. When creating cordwood walls, sawdust incorporated into mortar has long been utilized to help in the bonding of the logs together. Cast lightweight containers and moisture-loving pots in the same way.
  • Make a clean floor. Wet a pile of sawdust and sweep it about the concrete floor of your garage, cellar, or shop using a push broom. Fine dust and dirt will be captured and absorbed by the wet sawdust.

Final Thoughts

One of the easiest paths to financial freedom is to learn how to sell your sawdust. Repurposing what you consider to be a byproduct and using it to produce value elsewhere is the key to increasing revenue because prosperity is created by resolving current issues with the resources you already have.

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