How to Use a Cordless Drill as a Screwdriver

how to use a cordless drill as a screwdriver

Driving a screw is a simple task! But things can go wrong surprisingly when you are driving a screw. Splitting the board, broken screws and stripped the screw head are some common problems you may face during driving a screw. But by following proper technique you can avoid any of these problems. You can use a …

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How to Sharpen a Drill Bit on a Bench Grinder

how to sharpen a drill bit on a bench grinder

Are you getting crumbled chips while drilling with your bit? Is your bit is taking too much time to drill a hole? If any of these happens, it’s time to sharpen your drill bit. Because an excellent sharp drill bit will create long and spiral chips and can drill a hole in a short time. …

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How to Remove Rust From Your Tools – 3 Ways to Clean Rusty Tools

how to remove rust from your tools

​Every professional or DIY hobbyist must experience rusty tools in their toolbox. The question is do you throw them out or try to clean? Rust can be the biggest threat to the utility of your tools as it spreads gradually like a contagious disease. So you must make some time to check your tools and …

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How to Use Drill Machine Safely & Easily – 3 Tips for Beginners

how to use drill machine

Power tools helps you a lot to complete any of your projects smoothly and efficiently.  But it can be a disaster if you start operating your drill machine without knowing anything about your drill or safety tips. So to get an amazing result without getting injured while using your power drill, you must follow some …

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