How Much Does a Chainsaw Carving Cost

Having a unique wood carving is incredible and the possibilities of what can be sculpted are unending. I think anything is possible in a carving type of art.

There are a few factors that figure out what the last cost of the model will be. The most deciding variable would be the span of the model.

The tallness and measurement of the log will disclose to me the amount we can do with the log. Obviously, setting up and working off the platform will build the cost.

At that point the topic, a few clients need an expanded extremely nitty gritty carving with more than one subject, others may just need a bear or a solitary subject.

For instance, a solitary bear standing upstanding would be not exactly a bear remaining on every one of the fours (4X4). A bird roosted would be not exactly a falcon in flight or taking off holding a fish in its claws.

Likely the most trying carve is the human subject. Individuals realize what individuals should resemble and any anatomical inconsistency is taken note.

One person is sufficiently hard to carve however, combine a few people with a creature or two, well the level of trouble increases and the cost.

There are a few reasons why chainsaw carving costs are determined based on measurement, quality chainsaw, wood type, log width, tree length, area, amount of problem, and more.

how much does a chainsaw carving cost

What is the Figure the Cost of a Carving?

The great factor in how much a sculpture will cost is the extent of the figure. The height and measurement of the log will figure out what should be possible with it. In the event that work should be done on the platform, it will expand the cost.

A bear as a solitary subject will cost not exactly an intricate and point by point scene, while one bear standing up would cost not exactly a bear on each of the fours.

A bird in flight or flying with a rat in its paws will cost in excess of a falcon roosted on a log. As the trouble of a model increases, so will the chainsaw carving cost. Expenses of sculptures will one carve starting onto the next.

The Amount to Chainsaw Carve a Sculpture Into a Tree Trunk Stump

The cost will rely upon size, detail, and topic. On the off chance that you can snap a photo and send it to the carver alongside the thought you have and the spending you have as a top priority, it will help with an underlying meeting. The wellbeing of the tree should be taken a gander at and where the tree should be sliced to leave enough for the model.

Different expenses related to on location chiseling will incorporate mileage, bark expulsion, platform tidy up, transfer, and so forth. The period of time it takes to finish, travel time and cabin will likewise be determined into the last cost. On the off chance that empty spots are found in trees, fixes may be required and bug issues and decay issues should be managed.

So you see the expense can shift significantly however here are some assessed fundamental costs that may help:

  • 2′ upstanding bear $100-$200,
  • 3′ upstanding bear $200-$300,
  • 4′ upstanding bear $300-$500,
  • 5′- 6′ upstanding bear $500-$800,
  • 7′- 8′ bear $1000-$1500+
  • 3′ roosted falcon $300-$400,
  • 4′- 5′ roosted bird $500-$750,
  • 6′- 8′ in-flight or taking off hawk $800-$1500+
  • Owls would be around equivalent to hawks,
  • People, Saint Francis, religious figures and others required.

Instructions to Get Tree Rot in Orders to Chainsaw Carve the Stump

On the off chance that the tree has spoil should be taken care of, it will influence their cost. Evacuating rot is necessary to keep the remainder of the tree or log from rotting after some time and will also help counteract breaking. There are various ways to do it.

  • The rot can make a hole in it.
  • The rot can be chiseled out and the gap smoothed.
  • An attempt to balance out the rot can be made. This is finished by flooding the region with epoxy and enabling it to enter completely through the piece.
  • Drill through the thickness and utilize a long sharp edge to remove the middle.
  • You can even endeavor to consume the spoil out but you’ll be mindful so as not to harm the sound wood.


It is that simple. Really. We hope this post has helped demystify the process of chainsaw carving.

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