How to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter

If you use your chainsaw for cutting or carving wood, you already know this type of job produces huge sawdust and debris which also gets into your saw. When specks of dirt get into your chainsaw it affects its performance as the air filter can’t work properly.

But clean air is essential for the tool as it makes the engine run. Air filter also prevents the dust from entering into other parts of the engine.

So if the air filter remains dirty, your chainsaw wouldn’t work well and also the lifetime of the air filter and as well the chainsaw will be shortened.

Guess you have understood the importance of cleaning the air filter of your chainsaw.

Don’t worry, it is a simple and easy task if you follow a few simple steps.

For cleaning the air filter, first, you need to know when you should clean it?

Learn how to change your chainsaw air filter in the step-by-step guide. Follow the simple checklist discussed with our chainsaw air filter in this article.

So let’s start with this…

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When to Clean Air Filter

Air filter of a chainsaw is one of the important parts. So you need to clean it when needed. Now, you may think how would you know it’s cleaning time!?

Well, generally it is better to clean your air filter after every use. When you use your chainsaw to cut or carve wood, it’s air filter gets dirty. Then it may clog with dirt and oil, for which the filter will not be able to filter enough air that is needed to run the chainsaw efficiently.

Even if the air filter gets blocked, your chainsaw would need more fuel to run. But in spite of more fuel, it wouldn’t perform as fast as it does.

So it is necessary to clean the air filter of your chainsaw after every use to get the same speed and uninterrupted performance.

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How to Clean The Air Filter

Chainsaw is the most versatile power tool. You can use this to cut down trees and as well as carving purpose. But from time to time you need to maintain this tool properly in order to get excellent performance.

For maintaining your chainsaw, the first thing you need to do is cleaning its air filter after 5 hours of usage. Because when you use the chainsaw the air filter becomes dirty with oil and sawdust. And when it becomes dirty the machine runs slowly and consumes more fuel. So it is better to clean the filter at the right time.

And for cleaning the air filter of your chainsaw the method is to follow it’s manufacturers instructions. But there are a few basic steps that can help you to clean your air filter easily.

Step 1- Get the Air Filter

Every chainsaw is designed differently, but in most cases, the air filter is placed behind the engine & near the top. To get the air filter, you need to look for the raised circular part on the body of your chainsaw. Use a screwdriver and remove the screws of the cover, you’ll find the air filter. Now lift the cover gently and set it aside to remove the air filter.

Step 2- Remove the Air Filter

Under the first cover you’ve removed, you may find another cover near the engine, it is the cover of the air filter. Now you may need to remove more screws if there are any. And after removing the cover of the air filter, set it aside and now you’ll be able to remove the air filter from the chainsaw to clean it.

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Step 3- Clean the Air Filter

Now it’s time to clean the air filter. For this, you can follow these simple steps-

  • Tap the air filter gently on a hard surface. While tapping, remember you have to tap the hard plastic edge of the filter to loosen all dust and debris from it.
  • Take a bucket filled with warm and foamy water and dip the filter into the water and gently scrub with a toothbrush. Let it be there for several minutes.
  • Now take a bucket of cold water and remove all the soap residue from the filter with it.
  • When the air filter is clean properly, take it out from the water and let it air dry.

Step 4- Clean the Cover

You also need to clean both the air filter and chainsaw cover to avoid contaminating the remaining dirt & debris with your clean air filter. So put them in the soap and warm water, scrub them well, rinse thoroughly with the cold water and let them dry.

Step 5- Replace the Air Filter

When the air filter and covers are dry, you can replace the filter. Put the filter back in its place followed by its cover, screw the cover well then put the chainsaw cover on and screw it well.


Hope this guide will help you to clean the air filter of your chainsaw. Though the best way to clean the air filter is to follow the manual. But these steps can help you if you lost your manual or don’t have any other alternatives.

Another thing you need to remember while cleaning the air filter is, as you need to clean it after every use, you need to let it cool down before opening.

Cleaning the air filter helps the chainsaw to perform well and also enhance the lifetime of the filter. Besides, proper maintenance can increase the lifetime of your tools.

So clean and take proper care of your chainsaw and enjoy carving.

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