How to Make a Bandsaw Box With Hidden Drawer: Step by Step Guide

Making a bandsaw box with a hidden drawer is not a lot of fun if you don’t know the construction technique. Multiple techniques are available for creating any bandsaw box. So, what’s the following? 

The most common strategy is to cut the main shape at first. Next, cut the wood for making back. Each piece can be ⅛-inch to ¼-inch. Then, go through the process of making a hidden drawer. Glue up and sand everything for final touches.

That’s not enough to ready an amazing bandsaw box. Desire to know details? You could follow our step by step instructions for understanding it. We provide here easy and effective step by step guidelines. 

how to make a bandsaw box with hidden drawer
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How To Make A Bandsaw Box with Hidden Drawer: 9 Easy Steps

A Bandsaw box is one kind of box made from wood. To make a box, you can use only a bandsaw to cut it out. There are many types of wood such as a log, a solid block, or a laminated block used to construct a box. Even multiple shapes. 

In this case, you can apply square corners and straight sides of the boxes. No restrictions whether you choose oval shape or heart-shaped. Allows using drum sanders or belt sander to make the shape of the bandsaw box and sand smoothly. Remember, always apply to the relief cuts to get an excellent bandsaw box with a hidden drawer. 

Now, we show here 9 easy steps for making a bandsaw box within a short time.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose Bandsaw Box Blank

When you’re going to make a bandsaw box, the first important thing is to choose the right blank according to your box type. Plus, collect high-quality wood glue. A Sharp & wide blade is also needed to do this job without all hassles. Remember, an ⅛-inch blade is enough for creating the box.

Step 2: Cut Up Blank

Second, for making a bandsaw box with a hidden drawer, you need to prepare the blank. Just cut up the boards to make the bandsaw box blank. Of course, you have to use sharp blades to do this job correctly. According to the template, you will select the height and weight. But, the depth can be different. The most common depth size is 4-inch thick. 

Step 3: Glue-up All Pieces 

In this step, you need to glue up all the pieces by using standard wood glues. Keep in mind that you will ensure a lot of wood glue. Because of the lack of gules, you are not able to cover the entire surface. So, fix everything and wait a few hours for it to dry.

Step 4:  Making Bandsaw Box Templates

Now, prepare the bandsaw box templates according to your demand and print out them at 100% size. Using spray adhesive, you spray the back of the template. Then, take at least one minute to settle it. Don’t forget to kick out the air bubbles when you set up the template. 

Step 5: Make the Bandsaw Box Outside Shape 

For making the bandsaw box outside, it is necessary to cut the board close to the line. You cut down very slowly to get the best results. Don’t try to push the blade roughly. Alternatively, if you cut the shell roughly, you have to clean it up. When you are ready to cut the back of the bandsaw box, set the fence about ½-inch from your blade. Take time to cut them back and eliminate the garbage. 

Step 6: Cutting the Hidden Drawer

Are you willing to add the hidden or secret drawer? It is a great idea to increase safety.

To make a bandsaw box hidden drawer, select the back of the box. Draw the hidden drawer area and cut it out from the covering. You are going to start cutting off the thick line. Create each slice from ¼-inch to ½-inch thick. The front of the drawer should be thicker than the rear part. Check the blade for doing it slowly as well as appropriately. 

Step 7: Complete the Bandsaw Box Shell

Presently, it is time to set the drawer blank and shell back. Attach with a couple of clamps using wood glue. Take time to sit and dry it. So, it is unnecessary to wipe out the temple quickly. Forthwith, the enhanced part dries. Ready to glue on the shell back. Check out both pieces. If they align properly, they can be tightened and invisible. When the drawer is blank and the shell back is set up & dry completely, you can remove the templates.

Step 8: Make the Hidden Drawer

After cutting the front face as well as the back face of the bandsaw, form the bandsaw fences by keeping ½-inch far from the blade and work with ease. Next, take the piece of the hidden drawer and draw it out from the lowest level to the sidewalls using the black marker. Save the fingers away from the blade when cut and set up the rear part.

Step 9: Glue-up Hidden Drawer And Sand

In this step, you have to glue up the three pieces of the hidden drawer. Start to glue up correctly as well as squeeze them into the perfect style. Wait a few minutes to dry out. Next, sand the outside shape of the drawer. It is excessive to sand too much for tightening. You don’t even need to follow the templates in this case.

So, formulated the excellent hidden drawer and all edges part of the shell.  Try to smooth the overall outside and use oil for providing finishing touches of the shell’s outside and drawer’s outside. Then, clean the inside shell and drawer. 


Don’t forget, making a bandsaw box with a hidden drawer is also a dangerous job. While cutting the pieces using a bandsaw blade, keep your hands and fingers away from the line of the cut. Always choose the relief cuts to prevent accidents. While you need to remove the cut pieces, you can use the push stick.

Hopefully, you understood the full process of making a bandsaw box with a hidden drawer.

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